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34 year old Male from Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM GB
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If anybody is interested in talking to me or messaging me, please read my profile before you talk to me or message me.
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I am 25 years old from a city called Bradford in England. In my spare time I like going out with friends or going on computer. I like having new friends. I am a calm, honest, friendly, kind, gentle, reliable person. I like playing football, tennis and other kinds of different sports as well. I like watching the television. If anyone wants to talk to me they can and if anyone wants to add me they can. If anyone sends me a friend request I will accept there friend request. I am a single man and I am searching for Missus Right so if there is any girl or women that is interested in me on muchgames then do not be afraid or shy to talk to me or message me because I promise I will not say anything bad.
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