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29 year old Female from New York, UNITED STATES US
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Life has really thrown me some obstacles over the years, but the older you get, the more you learn from your mistakes. I havent been on here for a while. but i know for a fact, after all this time, i do miss alot of you guys
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H3Y H3Y MY TAT3RTOTS OUT THERE well heres the juice yall wanna kno lol well 1#Im alot ALOT of fun to hang out with and BE WITH (if u kno wat i mean) lol 2# i love my friends vballmaster to DEATH u mess with her U DEAD:D anyways also i have a bro METROSTATION21 many of u gurls out there kno him and LOVE HIM im serious u ALL be flirtin wit him( its quite gross) lol 3# i can b mean if i have 2 i dont wanna b but u mess wit me my family or friends ull b a pile of crap wen im done wit u lol 4# im emo (but dont cut myself)i love skateboarding, hangin wit friends , and playing guitar( i love my guitar I NAMED IT SCARLET) lol well u didnt need to kno that BUT WHATEVER!!!! ummm well that the 411 about me , have any questions just ask, need any advice go to my brother or MEH!!!*******DUECES!!!!!!!
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