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22 year old Female from Lahore, PAKISTAN PK
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WhTeVeR U dO gooD Or BaD,pEoPlE AlWaYz hAve SoMeThINg nEgAtIvE 2 SaY AbOuT It....:)
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hey!!!I am ANUM.......I am in 12th grade.l think I have enough hearts to care but sometimes life proves that its just my imagination.....my gud habbits r m friendly,think before speaking,respect everyone,speak politely and keeps friendship and much more...many people said this not me. :p....my bad habbits r m never trust any person even he is right,too much talkative..hahaha,nail biting and too many bad habbits I have...:) i make many friends here and my BESTIES 2....all in my best friends list r my BESTIES....LOVE u allzzzz....:*
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