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22 year old Male from Madras, INDIA IN
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Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand☝
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Hey this is Alroy here...I got nothing much to tell about myself, So let me start by telling about my hobbies first...there are actually many, but when it comes to sports then it has to be football,tennis,and hockey:)..If you do ask me if I like eating then its a definite yes as i'm a foodie lover but that doesn't mean i like eating all veggie kinda stuff lol..I can be different at times and that depends on how you treat me,happy as always,friendly,funny sometimes:P and well if you hate me IDC better go get a life then-_-If u love me, then i love u back and i will try to love my enemies as u ppl know that the only way to make our enemies angry is by loving them lol jk or maybe not? "Strangers think i'm quiet my friends think i'm outgoing and my best friends know that i'm completely insane"!! Quote by me~:P xD..||Music is everything||I love video games^.^ Don't call someone lazy while he|she sleeps cuz sometimes Life is dumb that we all just have to take a break..sorry for the LONGGG boring essay about MySeLF I Can Write Short Information About Myself but you see the Problem Is That i'm too BORED so thought of typin a EsSay insted xD so if u wanna know more about me then do Pc me:P till then Happy StalkinG!;)
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