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20 year old Male from Cabazon, UNITED STATES US
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M' name a jeff
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sup everyone, my name is none other than the great alex, the most handsome hot, cool strong kind, jk, i am none than kind and cool thats it, ...and maybe funny meh. i am also a gamer, i play tons of video games, i am skilled gamer i might be lvl 5 but IT'S LYING I AM THE PRINCE OF AL SAYIANS, oh wait shit wrong reference i mean, I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL GAMERS I HAVE PLAYED ALL TYPES OF GAMES AND I HAVE MASTERED THEM MUWAHAHAHA anyway i like animu too, my fave anime is cory in the house drake and adventure time my fav songs are you are gunna go far kid and best day of my life great song. so i am an mlg player too i can no scope quick scope 720 quickscope i am thinking of entering faze CAUASE BOI I WILL REKT ASS or get my ass wopped but i dont think now, they have some problems and i dont want to be in this so i will leave that for about 7 more months i am also a meme lord i kow all of deez memes (wait what?) deez? DEEZ NUTZ HA GOTEM also i am thinking of becoming a youtuber y know i might gian a few subs like a 1000 or 10,000 subs but i think i will do great content. but anyway thats all i can think off see ya folks
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