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im so sleepy didn't sleep yet its like 5:45 a.m In Alaska =D
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hey.... im from Alaska... No it is not cold all the time maybe to new comers its cold, but not to Alaskan People.... i am a full Yup'ik (eskimo)... i love to play Volleyball, sometimes i shoot around (basketball), i love to help my mom Cut Salmon fish (King salmon, dog salmon, Silvers, red salmon and so on) in the summer... the music im interested is Country Music the artists are Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and some what Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn... you can call me old fashion but i would listen to Country then hip/hop and rap... sometimes i listen to that but only if i like it.... =P LOL... will i have nothing else to say so have any questions about alaska or something ask away... ohh yeah and i dont like it when people chat and try and talk nasty im not into online dating, im just on here to meet people and just to be friends... in my village there is like up to 300 people or more... in Alaska there are small villages and barely Cities... so yeah... im sorry i keep changing the subject but anyways have a nice day.... =D so this is who i am and im proud to be Alaskan i wouldn't want to change who i am :D
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