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29 year old Female from Long Beach, UNITED STATES US
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I Love My Boyfriend. ;*
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. Well hello there, welcome to my page you fucking creeper. :) Um i do have a boyfriend we've been together since 2.14.10. I Love You Baby.I'm Olivia, i'm the age of 19,I jump a year on the 1st of August. Yes i am weird, and loud and obnoxious, and stupid, and no i do not care what you think. I'm practically hyper all the time i can be entertained with the stupidest things, like flashing lights or even a squirrel. i've had my fair share of broken hearts, but i try not to let that get to me, there are very FEW people who know me, well the real me that is, i come off as a generally happy person, but trust me im not. I wont take your bullshit, because of how much ive been through and im just kinda fed up. i've been through a shit ton in my life, more than you'd expect. I'm usually listening to music or doodling in my notebooks, im not the best person in the world but i am who i am, i don't like liars or fakes and ima be straight up with you if you ask me a question, i don't like people who are rude or cocky, confident is perfectly fine, cocky is not something i tend to enjoy, i have a very bad temper and tend to get pissed quite easily. im not exactly the skinniest or prettiest girl out there, in fact im not pretty or skinny at all, but oh well, kay im too cold to write anymore. byyeee
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