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23 year old Male from Stourbridge, UNITED KINGDOM GB
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I need a boy in my life
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Well...guess who's back from heaven ...MEE Alex Baker. My dad died when i was 5. He was the only one who really accepted my sexuality. I am a new man and my near death experience was a wake up call for me I realise how much I love life now and the people in it i just will never fall in love so easy again.I I'm single. I am 17 from England. i play with my band at collage...i can sing play acoustic guitar and electric i can also do a bit of scream singing and singing as well. I love my best friend Jazzy she is my everything i cant believe i nearly left her alone... I am gay. oh and I am real to I'm sick of You snobby emo's saying I'm not so go fuck yourselves. I am not emo just a guy really into his rock music. I like Disney movies and unicorns I just wanna be loved... :3
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