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Yeah My Profile Name Might Not B What U Expected But Hey Im Cool What People Say You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover Soo Plzz Dont Fucken Judge Mee You Got That U Mofuckaz That Think Ur All Cool n Shit Not Even Your Jus Another Person I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT..!!! Remember That.!! If U Keep Friend Requestin Me and I Keep Deleten It That Shuld Tell You Somethin, That I Dont Wanna B Ur Fucken Friend Cuz I Heard To Much Drama and Rumors About You.. And Yes If This Bitch Comes To My Profile And Reads This She Shuld Kno Its About Her....!! I Think Ur Slutty and A Bitch...!! So Fuck Off..!! The names WhyDoUWannaKno.... Only Acceptin Boys Requests Unless I Find The Girl Really Attractive,... Bisexual... I Wont Tolerate Bullshit... If U R Nice To Me, I'll Return The Favor.. I Never Told You The Real Me What Im REally All About... IGuess That Dont Matter No Mo Tho.. Its All Over Now Myy Life Is Tumblin Down.. Shit I Really Dont Care.. Im n Too Deep, Cant Think Bout Given It Up, But I Never Knew Love Would Feel Like A Heart Attack, Its Killin Me, Swear I Never Cried So Much, Cause I Never Knew Love Would Hurt This Fucken Bad, Worst Pain That I Ever Had... Dont Wanna Give Up, SO We Both Gave Up, Cant Take It Back, Its Too Latee.. Forr We've Reached The Climax, I Gave U My Best, But It Wasnt Enough, You Got Upset, We Argued Too Much, We Made Our Mess Of What Used To B Lust... ?? Soo What Do I Get n Return A Broken Heart Thats All.. Ima Miss Everythin About You, I Cant Belive I Still Want You, After All The Things We Been Thru... Without U Im Nothin..Well, Well, Well, SINGLE.. When You Cheated My Heart Beated Boyy..!! I Thought I Toldja What Goes Around Comes Back Around.!! Its To Late To Apologize, I Said Its To Late To Apologize, To Late... Ill Never B The Same..!! You Wanna Kno The Real Me I Suppose Well: Im Just A Girl Thats Wants To B Heard Im Really Actually Quiet Dont Talk Much, Dont Express My Feelings Much Cuz I Always End Up Gettin Hurt., I Dont Judge ANYONE Cuz Im Not Perfect Either and I Hate Bitches Who Do That I Mean Really Ur Not Fucken Perfect Either.. I Like To Read and Write.. Uhm People Say Im Disturbed Yeah Maybe I Am Thanks For Noticing It :) I Can B A Bitch If Ur A Bitch To Mee.. If U Wanna Kno Anythin Else Aout Me Jus Inbox R Private Chat Mee.. My Life Isnt Perfect But Fuck I Still Love It and Its Worth Livin For Even When Times Get Hard.. But I Remind Myself That Lie Goes On Aslong As UR Welling To Go With It..!! Oh Yeah Fucken NATIVE ALL THE FUCKEN WAYY (Shoshone And Comanche) Dont Fuck Wihd Me..!! To My Haters: I Keep It Real and Thats Uh Promise, I Mayb Uh Bitch, But Atleast Im Honest, When I Walk By You, Do Me Uh Favor Stop and Stare, And Keep On Staring Cuz IDGAF, I Have My Own Life and Style, Im Not Tryna Make You Smile, Or Please You, When It Comes To Competition, Your Already Knocked Out Bitch, Now Shut Ur Hatin Azz Uhp, And Keep Mee Out Of Your Mouth, Cuz I Aint A Dick, (Fuck The Fakes, And Thanks For Makin Mee The Center Of Ur World.)
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