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26 year old Male from Paris, UNITED STATES US
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I love to go fast, so if there r any other speed freaks, feel welcome to join, otherwise go FUCK urself.
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Hi my name is Dalton Tapp and i love to go fast so dont ever tell me to slow down or ill just cuss you out. My favorite sport is Motocross and i also love to drag race quads. My dream is to be a proffesional Motocross racer for Kawasaki type bikes. I no alot about mechanics so if you want to talk mechines feel free, but only motorized mechines, it can be electric or gas motors, i no alot about both, anyway i love guns and knives and some of my favorite hobbys are hunting, fishing, drag racing, and of course Motocross. I also like alot of sports like football and basketball and maybe even track. JUST MAKE SURE U NEVER TELL ME 2 SLOW DOWN, CAUSE I WONT.
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