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28 year old Male from Flint, UNITED STATES US
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You wonder how it feels to walk a mile inside tha shoes of a nigga who don't have a thing to loose When me and you was homies no one informed me it was all a scheme You infiltrated my team and sold a niggas dreams how could you do me like that ? I took ya family in I put some cash in ya pocket made you a man again and now you let tha fear put your ass in a place complicated to escape It's a fools fate without your word your a shell of a man I lost respect for you nigga we can never be friends I know i'm runnin' through your head now what could you do ? If it was up to you i'd be dead now I let tha world know nigga you a coward You could never be live until you die see tha mothafucken bitch in your eye Type of Nigga, that let tha evil of tha money trap me when ya see me nigga ya better holla at me
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