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24 year old Female from Noblesville, UNITED STATES US
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I like Jeff. #^-^# I blush thinking about it. (Not kidding.) I like creepy-pasta. I don't know the first creepy-pasta I found out about though. It was either Jeff, Eyeless Jack, or Slender man. I don't know I know so many. :/ Favorite bands: Skillet, Three Days Grace, and Green Day. Favorite songs: Monster (Skillet) Get out alive. (Three Days grace) Unbreakable heart (Three Days Grace) American Idiot (Green day) Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. (Green day.) Whispers in the dark (Skillet) Awake and alive (Skillet) and many more. Favorite Creepy-Pasta's: Jeff, eyeless jack, Slender man, Laughing Jill, Laughing Jack, and Scarecrow.
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