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17 year old Male from Las Vegas, UNITED STATES US
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Hardly used this account, but i'm not gonna change a thing with this account, this is a time capsule of my youth.
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Hey guys, my name is Jacob Rowland, or NuclearNuke, I made this account as a young kid who had nothing else to do. As you can see here, I was very cheeky in the internet culture, and I was pretty immature in my opinion. I am surprised I still know my password to this godforsaken time capsule of internet history. Currently, i'm in the 11th grade, in AFJROTC with aspirations of joining the US Air Force, and i'm doing good in my family and personal health. I am currently 16 years old as well, and living in Georgia, US. I hardly even use this account as I have moved on to better things online, it's been great being here, thanks for making my "memories" decent here, and making me experience things I never experienced before. See ya later, and I might hop back on in a couple months or so. -Yours truly, Jacob Rowland, NuclearNuke.
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