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I'm gonna get back into being on again. I missed everyone...NinjaPanda is back!! :D
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I will help with any problem you have, if I can. I like to focus on other peoples probs so i don't have to face my own i guess... I LOVE pandas, and playing videogames! Feel free to ask me anything you wanna know, as long as I feel comfortable, I will answer any questions you may have...I am a big people person, and believe that everyone deserves a friend, so totally chill and send me a friend request!!! No!! I am NOT LOOKING FOR a RELATIONSHIP, so please respect that. I do have a boyfriend. Music IS my LIFE, so if it was gone, I'd surely die!! I like to help people, so if I see someone bashin on you, I will say something, I am a very protective person... :D Oh! and p.s. I am a LOVER, NOT a HATER! Unless you seriously piss me off!! I will love every one of my friends, and my best friends even more!! :) peace, love, and pandas!! I would like to tell the people I love most here that they are the best :)
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