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Doubt though the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun dove move. Doubt truth to be a liar. But never never doubt i love.
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HEEEYYYAAA, im Yazmine. Q and A ... Fave: ANIMAL: Lion COLOUR: Red, White and Blue (British Flag) FILM: Its a girl Boy thing and The never ending story, Pirates of the Caribbean GENRE: Horror (Without the porno) SOAP: Hollyoaks TV PROGRAMME: 90210. Character: Naomi (Lesbain crush) Liam (Liomi) RELATIONSHIP STATUSs: Single ORIENTATION: Bisexual Bra size and other sexual questions: IF YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING ME THIS THEN YOU BETTER AVOID CLIFFS! HATE: Never hate! I dislike only.. I dislike Haters :D I dislike Posers ( Dear Posers.. did you know we can find your pictures on google and Tumblr?) BOOK: The Never Ending Story (I also LOVE the film!) SINGER: Mika!!!!! GROUP: Blood on the dancefloor SONG: Believe (BOTDF) Step with me-Underwater-We are golden-Lolipop- Relax take it easy (Mika) Bulletproof (La Roux) COUNTRY: ENGLAND!! anything else you wanna know inbox me or write on my wall :D tah x Yazzy
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