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20 year old Female from Tagbilaran, PHILIPPINES PH
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Damn it. I miss everyone on here..
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I'm Filipino! Yay! I dance, and play the piano and guitar. I'm not much of a singer but I still enjoy it. Oh, and volleyball ftw! ______________________________________________________________ Got lots of friends on here but most of them already left so... I kinda have to keep starting fresh again and again. But oh well, I could always make new friends ;D I'm easygoing, so talking to me shouldn't be so hard. :) I'm a good listener and if we're close, I'll obviously try my best to help you out. ______________________________________________________________ My real name's Carmel, but some people know me as: Pocketbuddy, Marie, Maria, Lala, Squishy, Kiddo, Pocket Filipina, and Marialalala ______________________________________________________________ Instagram: @lemrac_marie/snapchat: @marie.mel
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