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27 year old Male from UNITED STATES US
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My name is Stephen. People also call me Dean for short. I am in a band called Poison Rock 5. I was born December 17, 1993. I was also born in FLORENCE, ITALY. My faovrite sport is football and BMX. My favorite team in football is the Pittsburg Steelers. GO STEELERS! I love scary movies like Saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Also The Grudge. Anything scary, bloody, action, killing, is my thing. I got a Sazuki Dirt Bike and Sazuki Quad. I AM PART ITALIAN AND PART SENECCA INDIAN. I AM A SKATEBOARDER, DIRTBIKER, QAUDER, SNOWBOARDER DUDE. I am single if any girl wants wants to know, Just let me know anytime. I have an account on youtube.com and on myspace.com, and facebooke, so check me out on there or email me at samodio_1993@yahoo.com. C ya.
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