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27 year old Male from Madison, UNITED STATES US
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Hello to my friends listed here. I am playing games on two sites. Here on Muchgames and also on Kongregate. Myy ID there is LuckyGuy16.If you want to join Kiss, Slick and myself and need more details please leave a message here. If you just want to chat I am here for you.
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The main reason I'm here is for the games. I'm not into the bloody, shoot and kill type game but ones that challenge you and make you use your brain. I do like to make friends with those who have the same interest as myself or just nice to chat with. When I receive a Friend Request I first look at what your favorite games are and not that you have 1000 or more friends. So if you just want to add me to your total friends I'm not for you. If you want to chat just ask. Check back later I'll have more info about myself and family.
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