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23 year old Female from UNITED STATES US
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Deleting This. It Was Nice Knowing Some Of Ya'll!!!
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Jazmyne J R But Please Call Me Jaz, or Jazzie. 16. Happy With Life Going To Be A SiteModel, Red Hair, White Girl Nice Sometimes. I Do Have A Boyfriend!! So Don't Ask.!! I Play Sports - Volleyball, Basketball, Etc. I Get Pissed Off Pretty Quick, So Don't Get On My Bad Side Got It? I Don't Like Cheaters or Fake.. Came Here To Make Friends. But If Your A Girl and Send Me A Friend Request I Probably Wont Add It!!!! Hit Me Up In The Inbox, If You Want To Know Me More. Hope To Hear From You All. PC Don't Work Inbox Me. I Don't Like Flirting With Guys, So If You Think You Can Message Me And Flirt With Me YOUR WRONG, That Is One Way To FIND YOUR ASS DELETED!!!
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