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25 year old Female from TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO TT
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Bestest day of my life!!!!!!!!! thur.12.may.2011 :D
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hmmmm..... well the main things about me are..im crazy (i know the first step is admitting it, so i have to say.....I'm infected with the crazy disease :D Beware, it's highly contageous!!! :D) , i love to have fun, hang out with friends, do crazy and weird (i mean really REALLY weird) stuff just for the fun of it :) ....i HATE dishonest, racial and rude people....if you know you're gonna give me attitude just know im far worst. I dont take any shyt from people. i live life my way, dont try to change me 'cause you're wasting your time. I love love love my boyfriend, blue, all forms of art (music, dance, sketching, painting etc etc etc ) , sports, games (not so much the games on this site,but it's okay when you're really really bored...)... simply think of me as a guy.. :) ummmmm..... I'm studying business but still thinking of becoming a lawyer... I have bad memory... i mean REALLY bad bad bad memory.. idk what else there is to say about myself right now, 'cause.......i can't remember... :) AND I LOVE RAIN!!!!!! Playing in it, being in it ...... There is much to love in life, it's short as it is, so I keep as little hate as I can in it.... Much love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ................................................... P.S. I'm kinda gettin sick of all those guys asking me to be their girlfriend, to have sex or whatever other nastyness... LAST time...the answer is NO. Im not single and I dont want any of you boys. I love my boyfriend..no one could ever be half as great as he is, or sweet, or loving, or cute OKAYYYY... RIGHT! Good.. we must have this understanding or else just don't talk to me... ok. Great :D
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