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21 year old Female from Grove City, UNITED STATES US
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Hello friends!
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Hey im Evelyn,I have 8 animals 3 dogs 2 cats 1 duck 1 rabbit 1 fish. i love being outside. Im 10 years old and i live in USA. (ohio). And im home schooled.Im in 4th grade.I love my family.Im a huge animal lover.I love Christofer drew and tons more famous people.I just cant name all them it would take all night.i love rain,snow ,warm days.I am a picky eater.Lol thats all of us. My favorite qoute is Live.Laugh.Learn.I have awesome friends! I have 7 people i am living with including me.My birthday is August 7th.I love my ds and I love reading. Im chubby.I love hoildays,kids.I would love to be a teacher teaching preschool.And I would like to write my life story. And be a authour. And, Maybe somewhere in there become a actor. Update : I am starting to write my life story :) Im super excited! Or I wanna run a daycare. I love children. And being around them,Interact with them. By the way, Im IN LOVE with Christofer Drew and Deefizzy a.k.a damon fizzy! SO warning I will talk and talk about them.
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