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22 year old Female from Fairbanks, UNITED STATES US
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I am Abigail, I live in Alaska. I love animals and music. I'm on the Midnight Sun Swim Team(MSST) and I have practice EVERYDAY... I'm also on the high school wim team, which is super hard and fun though. sooo idk if im ever going to be on..I love the banana song.. Hahhaah.. I know I'm weird and strange but I love me! I'm emo and single. I'm CRaZy and pretty funny. My favorite color is purple. My favorite animal is PANDAS :D My favorite sports are swimming, baseball, softball, tennis, badmitton, ultimate frizbee, and i guess soccer. I love my dog and cats. I like meeting new peole so I'm on a quest to friend almost everyone :) soo i friend anyone and everyone if you want to friend me please do so. I'm also very random, just to let you know :P APPLesAUcE is my fricking word!!! YOU CANT STEAL MY WORD BRO! :D have a wonderful fun day. I love you :) oh and uhh.. i love quotes.. so if you find any that you think are good.. send me them :)
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