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22 year old Female from Los Angeles, UNITED STATES US
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boreds wants 2 talk ? any1
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iM a really down-to-earth lay back girldude.im realllly smart and love math,history,reading,cars,movie,internet obviously,sports of course,and cooking.i also love music but dont worshipped celebrities because there just regular people like everybody else just with talent. I dont give a flying **** about what people think of me. i could careless.I hate drama,nonsense,and english and science.i ean come on seroously.see my english.i a mix of a lot of differe nationalities:black,white,french,french creole,native/east indies indian,and mostly german. though i dont remenber much in german,because i forgot it when i turn 6 because that when i startes speaking correct english.lol. I not i repeat i not girly.it scares me.lol.im tomboy and proud of it. I also in the sixth grade and midle school sucks by the way.i also like to dance too.i also a bit weird and a little bit gangster like.when im mean that im i say thing like swag,fo sho,you know,what up,dawg, and you dont know me like that.yea i know weird.lol. so dont be suprised when i talk like that, causeeeeeee' im fly like that, so dont hate. So as you can see im pretty cool,weird,but cool.
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