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HAPPY 18th BIRTH-DAY, LOSTY THE SNOWMAN!(LosTSouL) You're legal!;)
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Skeet Skeet Skeet, water-gun. Oh-My-God. BECKY, look at her butt. TUNECHI! XD-Ask DarkMatter101 about me..................................... -----The Soldier----- The trenches cold and worn, The fields dirty and forlorn, The land cut and bloody, But for the soldier and his sacrifices- barley any money. Yet he fights on for country and glory, So he can tell his kids a good story, and keep the enemy off his soil, so his friends and comrads don't need to toil. But in time- peace will arise, and when he goes home he cries, but he has no prejudice for his past, He's just happy to be home... Home at last! ---By: James William Hoffman Barr
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