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Im a stick game fan, but I also like MMORPG and RPG games. I like just about any game if it can satisfy my hunger for #1 GAMEPLAY it is the key to a good game. #2 GRAPHICS nobody wants to be playing the game and be wondering if that scribble is just a smudge on the screen or the horrible graphics. #3 CONTROLS if you dont explane the controls before the game the gamer is going to spend half the time trying to figuer out what they are and the controls should be simple, for example: MOVE:W( up)A( left)S( down)D(right) ATTACK:J(punch)K(kick)L(weapon or special) DEFEND:SPACE. #4 LENGTH you shouldnt make the game 1 and a half hours long (Its OK if they are a horrible gamer), but you shouldnt make it a 2 minute game neither, my idea of a good lengthed game is 10 minutes minimum and 20 minutes at the maximum ( its OK if its hard).
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