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29 year old Male from Fresno, UNITED STATES US
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Umm People, I have a really good gaming site, there's a chat and everything, if you wanna join, just click the link, but you'll be under my bro's friends, so just send me a message on here telling me you want me to add you - http://www.omgpop.com/?r=1y6mr
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Alright, well I'm 16 and I live in California. I haven't done anything interesting and I'm most likely never Online. I only get online to check mail and stuff. I'm usually on my Xbox 360, if you ever wanna play, just add me and send me a message. We'll play, i have a mic. The game I'm usually playing is Borderlands, if you have it and want to play, just lemme know. Ummm...I noticed all the..sorta "Artificial" people out there, the ones that are too afraid to be themselves online. If you're one of those and you sent me a friend request, I'll add you and sure we can talk..but ehh, not good..no bueno. Well...that's all i got, have questions, ask me. I'll respond as soon as I can and as Honestly that i can. http://www.nodiatis.com/?KwagO - Good Free MMORPG
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