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Name: Dark Magic~~ Race: Unicorn (Later a Allicorn) (Features are shown in the picture above)~~ Home Town: Ponyville (At first)~~ Bio: Dark is the only child of the evil Lady Death, the queen of death. Lady Death is a very thin dark black allicorn with a very long, flowing dark black mane and tail, and purple demon like eyes. Lady Death mated with a greedy dark gray male unicorn. He has a short darker purple mane with greenish blue eyes. The male pony, Money Bundle, was a lonely greedy pony who took money and riches from anypony. He was a smart slick pony, till one day he got cough taking from Princess Luna. Luna's guards ran after him. Money Bundle was frighten so much that he jumped off a very high cliff and took the riches with him. When he died he woke up in front of Lady Death herself. Money Bundle pleated and bagged for her to put him back to life because he did not want to enter the pits of hell. Lady Death thought of a deal for him. If he mated with the evil Queen of Death she would give him another chance to live a very long life in the world of the living. He took that offer and decided to have sex with her. But there is one thing she did not mention. He will have to travel in hell to get back to the world of the living. So that's what he did, he traveled through hell and ended up dieing there latter. His dark soul will forever be trapped in hell, being tormented for his life sins. Latter Lady Death has a baby, that is Dark Magic. When Dark is born the queen finds she has light and love in her heart. Lady Death decides to kill her, so she sends a guard to kill her, but that is not what he does. The guard sends her down to the living and gives her to a nice pony couple that will take care of her. The guard tells the two ponies everything, and promises the guard guard they will raise her. They hope one day she will defeat the evil Lady Death and send her soul to hell where she belongs. The two ponies named her Dark Magic because she was a unicorn. Over time she found out
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