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34 year old Male from Wichita, UNITED STATES US
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I like football, classic rock (Ozzie!), and I like to play games, whether it's on the computer or on the Xbox or DS. I have 6 brothers and sisters, and a beautiful 2 year old niece. I have no spouse and no children. If I had any car in the world it would be a 1968 Firebird. My favorite movies are comedies, and action. My favorite type of dog is a husky, but I like any dog (except Chihuahuas, they are just oversized rats). I would say I could make most people laugh if I got the chance. Im fun to be around, and am mostly the first one to try something. I hate communists and terrorists, and pay tribute to our troops in Iraq and anyone else who has ever served this country. Go USA. Im Christian (Catholic Christian) and I go to Church every week (big accomplishment, right?) Dylan
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