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112 year old Female from Lumberton, UNITED STATES US
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I see you have found my profile! I am very eager to speak with you guys and gals. Lol. I love to skate, and talk with friends.I like talking and meeting new people. I'm most likely NOT Going to fit in.. Like in the outer world. My favorite color is neon blue!!! I love cookies and chocolate. :I Yum..... I am very nice if you're nice back, but I can be mean when I want to be, so I would be nice if I were you. Don't wanna get the mean side of me.. Trust me.. I'm not anything important, don't have to add me if you don't want to. I literally DO NOT care about whether you disagree with gay/bisexual people or not but i agree with them cause i have friends that gay/bisexual . I really don't give a fuck. Haha. I laugh at your face. ^__^ Lmao.Also i love to listen about peoples problems and try to help them , so just keep that in mind.MESS WITH MY BESTFRIENDS OR HURT THEM ILL HURT U TOO OK... I like to hang with guys.. But I don't constantly flirt with guys. Cx I do every once in a while though.. Without noticing. Add me, message me and I'll reply..Maybe(; Single. ^___^ Welp, that's all I can tell. Bye-Bye!! Big Grin See ya 'round!
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