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25 year old Male from Herndon, UNITED STATES US
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Wuz up ppl muh name iz Alex im 12 and im nice guy once u get to kno me and i lov skatin dat why muh uzer iz CitySkater and i also enjoy playin on Roblox.com so just send me a FR on muh account which iz CitySk8er. So yea muh fav song is Hammerhead By The Offspring i listen to it all da time and muh fav colors r black, white, and red (you can tell by muh proflie) and umm muh fav video game iz Need For Speed Underground and if ya evar challenge me on dat game get ready for da master to crush u in ur tracks >:D Oh and BTW im not new on MuchGames.com cuz i been a member for like one year an half i just made new account
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