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Hey my name is Sierra and im 16 and im a Senior I LOVE TEXTING not kidding i text 247 no joke lolz. Bash here, this is my wonderful girlfriend. I love her to death she means everything to me it was like love at first sight. Im not gnna lose her ever. She means to much to me. 2.12.11. Anyways my favorite sport is VolleyBall and my favorite color is blue and my Nicknames at School are Cece, Cece Modray, Sierra The Amazing Ninja Platypus, Sierra Dawn and alot more but u can call me either one of those :) And I Have a Brother named Zach Carter and he is always there for me and he always comes to my house every weekend to hang with me he is the best brother i could ever ask for actually we have alot of fun times together like 5-15-10 for example hahah! dont ask :) I Love Ya ZACH FOREVER AND ALWAYS Sierra n Zach = BRO Well u knw imma talk about the guy that has always been there for me and promised he would be since we met which was in 2009! and he just came back on here and his name is Bryan Alan Orlando aka ÃÆÃâÃâ Ã¢â¬â¢ÃÆââ¬
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