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24 year old Female from Fort Worth, UNITED STATES US
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My name is Janel I love playing games,And I loove to play guitar hero XD. I'm a nice person and I love making friends. I live in Texas I don't have friends really only on the internet, I can amuse myself most of the time when theres nothing to do lol, and I like to draw and paint, I had a myspace since I was like 9 maybe lool, the only thing that me and my friends have in common is playing games as far as I know. I like to play halo a lot lol I'm a level 36 I'll kick you're butt at halo! but it depends on the map.I Also want to learn how to play the guitar :B. I like Bionicles I have a lot of them mostly the new ones. and I like spider man rotf. http://www.battleon.com/aq-signup.asp?friend=17865236