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My brother is called TOOLGUY4842 and is 45 yrs old. He IQ ranks him a genius, He taught college math at 19 and is a master chess player. He started a team called GameBusters of which I am a member along with my nephew, LG who also plays here. Other members are Alley51 and SonnyGirl51. We first beat a Comcast Game called BUBBLEZ and helped other player beat it. Then Comcast shut the chat down so we could not help anyone so we as a team left and are searching for a game that we all like. That's why we are playing here and chatting with players to get their thoughts and what interest them. Once the so called perfect game is found the team will all be here trying to solve that game. By the way the photo of me was set upby my nephew LG, it was taken about 10 years ago but I'm still in shape so my wife says.Would like to give a shout out to Happyreader. She was a Bubblez player who became our friend and still chats with LG.
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