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Ok well for those of you who dont know me I tend to freak out over random shit. Such as unicorns, ninja objects, and nautical stars. I am known to be a spaz, now dont get excited your not getting in my pants haha even though you know you want to xp alright now for all them bitche ass whores (this includes male female and whatever the fuck you consider yourelf) who are gonna label me... you can go suck a big one xD naahh i hate violence now that doesn't me I wont back hand a hoe haha naahh I'm actually a really happy person but I tend to sugar coat everything... haha ok emo guys are the bom dot com haha FAIL hey and for all you people who are complaining bout the wheather.. you know its only hot cause im out there ;p lol I love music! BROKENCYDE!!!! BRING ME THE HORIZON!!!! BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!!! BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE!!!! By the way your face is sexy xp lol Ok now LEXXIE (look her up shes hot xD) IS THE AWESOMEST!!!! AND she is basiclly pretty much my BEST BITCH yeeeeeaaaahhh haha insanity is not an issue... its a gift that I so happen to posess! Ok im awesome.... :D
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