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26 year old Female from Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AE
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hi guys..!
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So U wanna know about me? Anyway's I'm Roxana and I'm from Canada but currently living now in Dubai.......i have so many friends here on mg like Ryan, Eoin, Patrycja, FawziaRayhan, Sonia, Diya, Clare, Lania and more, I cannot stop that list -.- They're all awesome!!! "Do Not Mess With Them" and I love singing dancing, driving, messing and all. My fav is shopping! Love me, Hate me, well I don't care! xD Shreya Ghoshal is my fav singer and I've got many more..... Car racing is my life. I have a bmw and my sweet sis has a Corolla. I luv bmw cuz they're awesome!!! And at last thanks 4 reading! Bye and tc ;)
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