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22 year old Male from Dallas, UNITED STATES US
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I'm back once again, and this time I'll be here to stay.
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My name is Demetre. I am a nice person and even a bit silly but if u get me mad just do not say anything because i will eventually calm down and go get sum pie.I love pie.I watch cartoon network and it is not just for little kids.(i watch adventure time,mad,and the regular show)I have an xbox 360.I like being smacked by my friend yppah.(happy now yppah?) Anytime you wanna slay zombies with me just get on your xbox and invite me to left 4 dead 2 or black ops and i will join. :D I for some reason like my little ponies alot! Don't judge me! My favorite people: sellyrocket,Flametteyfire,daddad60,bbvince,yppah, and Rainer15, and ITOREMYHEART4YOU.(GRR also)XxSunShinexX too PLAY WITH ME ON XBOX 360!!!! MY GAMERTAG IS: (put exactly as it says) FUNKEHMONKEY1, I have Black Ops 2 and more!!! I've been in and out of this website for a long time, but now, i'm not so busy and have grown quite a bit since the last time anyone has seen me, all my besties need to come talk to me, I haven't seen you all in a while! (Btw I have a Xbox One as well with the same gamertag and only like 4 games at the moment but i'll get more)
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