Does Playing Active Video Games Improve Autism?

Parents of children with autism are constantly searching for ways to make their child’s life easier and more enjoyable. According to recent research, there may be a direct connection between active casino games and the severity of autism symptoms.

Active video games, or AVGs, encourage a child to engage in whole body movements to interact or to control the gaming system. This provides them the opportunity to develop new skills. Children on the autism spectrum have shown reduced fundamental movement skills in comparison with their peers who are typically developing, and, as a result, may benefit from this approach.

The study highlighted here investigates if playing sports AVGs will increase the perceived and actual object control skills of children with autism spectrum disorder between the ages of six and ten years old, compared to 19 typically developing children of a similar age.

If you are interested in the results of this study, simply read the white paper found here. You may find new information and ideas to help your child who is on the autism spectrum. Learning and growing as an autism parent can help you better care for your child and ensure they are ready to interact with the world around them.

Originally published by 12/1/2016

Sports active video game improve autism



Edwards, J., Jeffre, S., Rinehart, N. J., & Barnett, L. M. (2016). Does playing a sports active video game improve object control skills of children with autism spectrum disorder?. Journal of Sport and Health Science.

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