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Zombotron 2

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Game Description

Zombotron 2 is the updated sequel to the hit game Zombotron. In this game your goal is to escape from a planet filled with zombies using only your wits and your weaponry. Use the environment to kill zombies by knocking barrels and other objects on their heads or blowing them up. Reach the end of each stage within the time limit to win each stage. Keep an eye out for special achievements!

Zombotron 2 Comments (55)
Best Comments
Score: +6 |
dang, I loved the first one and now a second?! This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Score: +6 |
this is so awsome!!!!
Score: +6 |
this is a cool zombie game
Score: +6 |
the car is cool but it could be better when it is 2 player
Newest Comments
Score: 0 |
Zombotron 4 is a game
Score: 0 |
it say 4 but realy it is 2 WTF#Scam
Score: 0 |
i love this game awesome
Score: 0 |
Wicked Game. Can't get enough
Score: -1 |
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