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Wizard 101

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Game Description

You're a young wizard being trained in the ways of magic at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts under the watchful eye of headmaster Ambrose. As you learn to harness mystical powers, you'll be tasked with saving the school from the evil Malistaire Drake. Sound like Harry Potter? Well, it is a lot like Harry Potter, at least up to a point. Wizard101 is an online game for kids that has many of the trappings of an adult MMORPG built around an unusual card-based combat system, and it has been capturing the imagination of people of all ages.

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umm how do you download wizard 102
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it is a epic game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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amazing game 9/10
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i already play this game but this is not wizard 102 its wizard 101 and there is wizard 102 but you have to down load it here type this in the seach bar and click wizard 102 free download
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only thing that sucks is the crowns
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