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White Jigsaw

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Game Description

Like puzzles? Try one without any picture to go on. Plain white peices to go on shapes alone.

White Jigsaw Comments (256)
Best Comments
Score: +18 |
easy game the best way to get past levels is do the outside first
Score: +14 |
awesome :P
Score: +13 |
cool i like how its easy at frist dont really play games like this but i liked it
Score: +12 |
luv this game but its sorta boring
Score: +7 |
awesome game
Newest Comments
Score: 0 |
Score: 0 |
So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Score: 0 |
awesome game............... i m lovin it..........
Score: 0 |
this is so easy for me anybody like puzzles?
Score: 0 |
best game can tricks our brain ....... :-)))
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