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Five Finger Fillet

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Test your reflexes in this crazy game by stabbing a big knife on the table between your fingers! This is a daring game with realistic graphics that tests your reflexes as you have to place your hand on the table and then try to aim and hit a big kitchen knife between your fingers. Thus it is crucial that you devote your full and undivided attention to the screen when playing, as even a single miss-hit will chop off your finger! The speed of the game increases as you proceed further, so be careful and try to score the maximum points before you chop off all the fingers. Don't worry, as you can give it another try as this is just a game. But never try to do this at home, NEVER MEANS NEVER.

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the game is gross but it is cool
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wow it was awesome i also want to try this at my home
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like this game so exciting
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