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The Monster Farm

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Game Description

It is an exciting brain training game with a story line revolving around a cute angel who has her farm taken over by monsters. One needs to help her out by planting crops and finding out the monsters. In return on can keep the golden sack that exists in one of the blocks. The story from the angel: "Welcome to The Monster Farm I am Mia, an angel and this was my farm until the monsters took over. I am so happy that you have to come to help me in farming and throw away the monsters. I will let you keep the treasure sacks that you may find in the farm. But... be careful, there are monsters everywhere. If you happen to step over any of the m, you will may loose your life! I have the power to give you three lives, after which I would be helpless! Once you find the sack full of gold coins, please point out the monsters to me. Before you start farming, I will show you the locations of the monsters, the hevenly flower which will give you some extra points and the sack full of goldcoins. Remember their locations well."

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Score: +1 |
Certainly kids oriented memory game. Cute, funny, monsters involved and easy. Good game if you fit the audience targeted, too easy and short otherwise.
Score: 0 |
One of the best game..
Score: 0 |
I agree with below: im not a really good gamer,but its soopa easy :P
Score: +1 |
It\'s An Okay Game. It Would Be Better If There Was More Levels Then Just 10 Because You Complete It Really Fast. Overall It\'s An Okay Game. Good Game If You Have 10 Mintures To Fill :)
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I have to admit this is kind of boring But it was okay...
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