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Swords And Sandals 2 : Emporers Reign

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Game Description

Another day in the life of a gladiator.. How long can you survive in this ruthless world? The objective of the game is to simply win tournaments and survive. This sequel offers a lot more than the first game, it now has ranged weapons and magic spells that you can use. Try to get as far as you can. A tip to this game is to try several stat builds. Some builds have advantages over others. Choose wisely.

Swords And Sandals 2 : Emporers Reign Comments (148)
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I give it 5 stars.FTW.
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i died with a lot of fun
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the best game fr me is so cool
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Odysseus vs Ryo Ryo charges at Odysseus, but is too far away to hit. Odysseus swings and hits thin air. Ryo charges at Odysseus, but is too far away to hit. Odysseus casts Firebolt, doing 6 damage. (0% resist ) Ryo power attacks Odysseus, hitting for 11 damage. Odysseus invokes Divine Blessing, healing 2 health and magicka! Odysseus quick attacks Ryo, hitting for 7 damage. Odysseus adopts a defensive stance ( 20% defensive bonus and 2 battle trance ) Ryo has defeated Odysseus in combat! Ryo spares Odysseus's life.
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i give it 4.5 stars. but its still cool game
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