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Congratulations on your appointment as the new Directory of Pllaning for section e28 of Supercity, UK. Please find a cheque enclosed for $10 million of start up funding. Note that due to the very tight budget available, we strongly urge you NOT to spend beyond this limit We look forward to reviewing your finished construction in 10 years, at which point we hope to see your area self sufficient in housing, jobs, utilites and amenities for as large a population as possible. You will also be assesed for the presitge your area has added to the city.

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its alright
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Cool, gameplay, the story is fascinating, very fun, just the graphix are kinda poor
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this game was very hard, but it was good though, no doubt!
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this game could have had more game play because 10 years pass on quickly and mabe more money because a city planner needs more than $10 million dollars and mabe more options because this game is addictive but i didnt like it and i couldnt hear anything
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