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Staggy the Boyscout Slayer II

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Game Description

Staggy hates boyscouts.. with a passion! They have come to his forest again.. Time for some more boyscout slaying action! You are staggy and you hate boyscouts.The object of the game is simple, you hunt down as many boyscouts as you can.What do you do? Shred them to pieces! You get to buy evil weapons ranging from battleaxes to light sabers that could be used to mutilate the pesky boyscouts. Remember to keep an eye on your health bar. Fill your health and energy bars after every level.Be quick to kill the ranged boyscouts because they could cause problems.Try picking up powerups that you can get from slain boyscouts. Buy energy weapons for some boyscout pwning fun! Enjoy!

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hmmm, you\'re darthvader and you kill a buncha hobbits.
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aint nobody got time for that
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