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Spaceman Bobs Great Escape

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Game Description

Help Bob, the spaceman captured by the aliens, to escape out of the alien base. Make your way through the dangerous alien complex and avoid getting caught by the alien guards. Also avoid the other dangers and don't forget to grab as much gold as you can while you explore the different levels. Good Luck and come back safely!!!

Spaceman Bobs Great Escape Comments (5)
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doesnt really deserve a 6 point rating but it was aight....the graphics sucked and so did the ctrls
Score: 0 |
Needs some sort of weapon so he can show, other that that, I liked it!
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Its an alright game doesnt deserve to be at the top though.
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Nice graphix, yeah i loved this game very \"happy\" but rox
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Nice graphix, yeah i loved this game very \"happy\" but rox
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