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Snowball Fight

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Build up your team and get ready for a snowball fight against tough opponents. Try to knock them out at different locations. Use the WASD or Arrow Keys to move around. There are two different types of control styles; in Absolute mode you will go in the direction you are pressing no matter which way you are facing and in Relative mode, the direction you go is relative to the direction you face. Left Click and hold the mouse to charge power and then release the mouse to throw. The more you charge up, the further the snowball goes. The blue bar beside the players indicates that you are creating a snowball. The maximum number of snowballs you can hold is equal to the number of enemies you begin with. Remember that the more you charge up, the more damage you do. There are different obstacles; Trees block motion and snowballs, Broken ice blocks motion but NOT snowballs and Snowmen block both, but can be destroyed in 3 hits. Have Fun...

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Not bad..
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ive played this before i rock at it
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