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Game Description

A simple online soccer match against a team of robots. Try to outdo your opponent and prove that a human will always beat a computer. The game is simple - each player is a little four-wheeled robot who can only push the ball. You can guide it from the keyboard. The players and the ball reflect from the field-frame, like the balls on a pool. After a goal the ball is dropped at the center. For now just one player on each side, but still it is fun to play. The game lasts ten minutes, if it is tied there is no overtime.

RoboSoccer Comments (4)
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Score: +2 |
Cute graphics! The game play was well :) It can entertain you for a little while.
Score: 0 |
That was pretty bad, controls were crappy
Score: -1 |
stupid game
dont play
who is the idiot who rated 10 in this fcking game?
Score: -1 |
this is a really stupid game that has no point!
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