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Rich Racer

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Game Description

In this challenging car racing game you have to beat your opponents and finish in the top 5 to proceed to the next level. The race becomes difficult (faster opponents and you need to reach top 4 etc.) as you move on to the higher levels. Use ARROW KEYS to control your car. Avoid crashing into opponent cars and driving closer to the edges of the track because the edges slow you down. Good Luck!

Rich Racer Comments (143)
Best Comments
Score: +15 |
Wonderful environment and great control, but theres nothing to do but the "Wash, rinse, repeat" method, of continuously doing the same thing. Im so sick of racing games that have it where you make one tiny itsy bitsy mistake, and the next thing you know, a million cars are zooming past you. Definitely unfair if you ask me, and my reviews long!
Score: +11 |
I like racing games in 3-D
Score: +5 |
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not bad
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it is the coolest game i have ever played
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