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Redneck Pets

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Game Description

An alien has captured and kept humans in a space zoo! Feed them, earn dollars and protect them from enemies. You have to play as an alien who has just captured some individuals of the human species, and placed them in a tank. You've to make you're new Space Zoo even better! It's just like playing with your hamster or fishes, you have to feed them, or they'll die. These guys need to be fed often, and they'll give you some space dollars, when they grow. Also you have to protect them from the nasty aliens and other threats. To accomplish a level you need to buy three parts of the zoo transport can. Go through the instructions in the game to know more about the different characters and other stuff. Have Fun!

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this game was like that fish game i liked both of them 2 thumbs up
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good game but the sounds are annoying
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